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The following items are located in Sydney, Australia. Anyone interested in buying any of them should click on “Contacto” link below. All offers will be considered.

  • Dick Smith System 80 Computer + Cover + B&W Monitor + Software. ***
  • Commodore 64 Computer  +  1541 Disk Drive  +  Joystick. ***

    *** I’ve decided not to sell the asterisked items at the moment because (1) I’m living overseas most of the time now, and (2) they’re not worth enough money to make it worth my while to sell them. The time and effort involved in negotiating, organizing, packaging, and posting or meeting-up for delivery is not worth my time. If at some future stage I decide to sell or bin them, I will contact anyone who has emailed me using the “Contacto” link below.

  • 28.8 V34 PCMCIA Modem.

  • Nikon F601 (a.k.a. Nikon N6006) 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera
    • 35-70mm auto-focus Nikkor zoom lens + separable UV filter.
    • 70-210mm auto-focus Nikkor zoom lens + separable UV filter.
    • Softener filter.
    • Camera bag.
    • Battery (new).
    • Puffer.
    • Manuals.
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