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Our Trip: Outubro 23: Flew Sydney to Bang Kok. 24: Arrived Zürich then caught train to Basileia. 25: Explored Basileia - Münster, Paper mill, Rathaus. 26: Visited Augusta Raurica. 27: Trained to Freiburg, Alemanha. Saw the Black Forest. Trained back to Basileia. 28: Met with Matt’s ex-girlfriend Annette and her mother. Showed us around Autumn Fair and Botanical Gardens. 29: Explored Basileia. 30: Started drive around Suíça with Nelson. Drove to Berne then Lausanne. 31: Drove to Vevey then Montreux, saw Chateau de Chillon. Drove to Verbier then Italy and back via St Bernard Tunnel. Drove to Chamonix, France. Novembro 1: Cable car to Aiguille du Midi. Drove to Zermatt. 2: Wanted to ski but fields closed due to bad weather. Cog trained to Gornergrat, saw Matterhorn. Drove to Goppenstein and caught car train to Spiez. Drove to Interlaken. 3: Trained to Schilthorn. 4: Drove to Grindelwald. Trained to Kleine Scheidegg then Jungfraujoch. Drove to Claudia’s place at Verchaix, France. 5: Drove to Grimwalds for a walk. Drove to Claudia’s mum’s place. Drove to Geneva for dinner. Drove to Basileia. 6: Explored Basileia. 7: Trained to Lucerne. 8: Lucerne guided city tour. Had lunch river cruise. 9: Trained to Bellinzona, saw Castelgrande. Trained back to Lucerne. 10: Trained to Zürich. Flew to Bang Kok. 11: Flew into Sydney.

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All photos copyright © Andrew WhiteCreated: 24 Nov 2000
Most photos taken by Andrew WhiteUpdated: 17 Dec 2013